Work Pillars

Economic Profitability

1.      Reduce operating costs for our customers, by generating biogas from waste.

2.      Generation of additional revenue to the production of organic fertilizer, solid and liquid formula, with a high content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Cutting edge technology

Anaerobic digestion is a technology that allows the generation of electricity and / or calorie, organic waste from agro-industries, agriculture and municipal waste.

Environmental Protection

Green Project is committed to protecting the environment, promoting the implementation of technologies that contribute to the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions and thus to environmental responsibility in the agro-industry, agriculture, industry and municipal landfills.


News Greenprojects

Bio-En Power’s digestate approved for use in organic farming

Agosto, 2016- Power’s digestate is such a great product that it has now been approved for use in certified organic farming, under Canada’s system of National Organic Standards.  It’s hard to imagine a better endorsement than t- t. From the day we began operating our Elmira facility, demand for our digestate has exceeded the supply. 

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The secret to low-cost organics processing

Agosto, 2016- Want to dramatically reduce the cost of processing municipal source-separated organics?  It’s not difficult.  Leave composting behind, and process your organics using anaerobic digestion instead. Be sure to design your plant, from the start, to maximize the energy you will recover from your SSO, and then collect the surprising revenues that all that

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Bio-En commissions new digester in Nicaragua

Junio, 2016– Bio-En Power has begun the formal commissioning of its first Latin American digester, in Nandaime, Nicaragua.  The plant has been built for Carnes San Martin, one of Nicaragua’s largest beef producers. The plant has an initial capacity of 1.2 MW, and will be used to process organic wastes from San Martin’s feedlot, slaughterhouse,

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At Bio-En Power, we were so impressed with our own technology that we built a plant just for ourselves.

After building two earlier plants for customers here in Ontario, we were so impressed by how well that went that we decided we’d like to build one for ourselves. We bought the land, got all the approvals, and built the plant with our own money.  And from day one, we have operated it ourselves, with

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International Technological Partners in Nicaragua

During The week of July 27th to July 31st 2015 representatives from the International Corporations of Agrinz Technologies (Austria), and Bio-en Power (Canada), will be visiting Nicaragua to evaluate the advances in the current construction of an anaerobic biodigestor project by Industrial San Martin, S.A. Such a project was signed in November of the year

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Bio-En Power announces construction of a new anaerobic digestion plant

Construction is now underway on Bio-En Power’s fourth anaerobic digestion facility.  The new plant is located in Nandiame, Nicaragua, and is being built to service Carnes San Martin, a large meat-processing conglomerate.  A wide range of solid and liquid wastes from the Company’s slaughterhouse, feedlot, and tannery will be digested to produce electricity, process steam,

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Entrepreneurs interested in Bio Digester

Around 20 industrial companies in the country gathered yesterday in the Chamber of Industries of Nicaragua, Cadin, to see the new technology in anaerobic digesters offered by Agrinz Technologies, Austrian Company, and Bio-Power Inc., Canadian Company, in partnership with the Nicaraguan Company, Green Clean Development Projects. This technology, which involves the design and construction of

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They produce energy from waste in Slaughterhouse San Martin, with organic waste digester

For the first time in the country, the waste arising from the slaughter process of cattle will be converted into electrical energy by means of an organic waste digester, which will be built by Slaughterhouse San Martin in Nandaime. The company claims that the biogas produced by the digester will replace 100% of the energy

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Green Project makes first bio digestor project launched in Nicaragua

November 2014 the first Anaerobic Biodigestor Plant in Central America, based on generation of heat and electrical energy from organic waste, will be in charge of the prestigious Commercial Industry San Martin. The project led by Green Projects, is being built by the Canadian company Bio-Power, and the Austrian engineering company Agrinz Technologies GmbH. The

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